Friday, August 28, 2015

The Graven Gully Inn

The bar keep runs a cloth along the worn finish of the bar as you approach.

"Ahhh another traveller tonight! We have the best ale this side of the Rigthsha Forest a tarty bit o'mead for ye should ye wish! There's rooms here too as long as ye keep in that skull of yers thats ya have to pay in silver or gold. No we don't want any of yer sweaty used gear in payment. I don't care if you have a sword that was forged under the moonlight forge of the Aerie Shade Aelves. Its the coin that pays my bills. With all that said, what will it be?" he lays the law of Graven Gully Inn out to you then goes to pour your drink.

You accept the drink and pay him. You scan the room and see a variety of swarthy looking souls some of whom are thoroughly enjoying their night. Others are recluse and going over their gear and scarfing down their food. There amidst the activity on the far side of the wall is board with postings etched on vellum that has been pinned to the wall. Knowing that its one thing to be able to speak, but to learn how to write a language even one as common as Elnaradoth takes coin. You then know that those who've taken the time to write such notices most likely have coin or are seeing it and adventure. You step over to the wall and you spot a variety of such postings. Luckily you too are literate and can read the postings.

Choose a posting:

Wanted: Man seeks group for an expedition into the Rigthsha Forest.
Coin, artifacts and trinkets are the property of the group and equally divided. Details of our expedition will be given in detail when we are at the foot of the forest and no sooner. You will be allotted an outfitter's fee to buy supplies for the trip.

Practitioners Of The Weave: Needed for to help rescue our mentor, Yirfir.
We are three practitioners of the weave who seek another to help on a journey into the forest to find our mentor who has been kidnapped we fear by the Norbids. Knowledge of the weave and the ability of aetherial tunneling is also desired.

Help A Butterfly Today!
Have you thought that you were destined for something more adventurous than shovelling swine droppings from a trough? Do you crave to work in design or a related field crafting armor so perfect that it dazzles all who behold it? Do you dream of using your curative abilities to help others heal from sickness to powerful for mere magicks alone? Do you like Butterflies? Dragons? What about Butterfly Dragons? If you said yes to all these questions you might consider joining us.

Or you could pay for a room and settle in for the night and attend a tournament and feast tomorrow.

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